Hi Mike,

* Mike Larkin wrote:
> Not sure if it's a "bug" per se, but this is behaving the way it should.
> Now, whether or not that is really the best way is open for discussion.
> There was talk long ago about specifying some way of letting users
> supply override information for certain vm.conf parameters, but nobody
> ever implemented that.

Thanks for the explanation!

> A somewhat simpler way is to not use the -b option and instead boot
> bsd.rd from inside the VM at the boot> prompt. Of course that requires
> the ability to use seabios in vmm (necessitating a post-Nehalem CPU that
> has unrestricted guest capability).
> If you don't want to do that (or can't due to an older CPU), yes, you're
> doing things the "right" way presently by editing that file and reloading.
> You could also just start a VM manually as root in that case by specifying a
> different name on the cmd line (and not have to edit the file):

That's a neat trick I'll definitely use the next time.

Cheers and thanks


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