My Yubikey NEO is behaving strange. First off, PGP and login_yubikey
works well, but now I'm trying to use Challenge-Response with
Keepassxc. The problem is that Keepassxc doesn't find the Yubikey – I
have to disconnect it, start yubikey-personalization-gui and connect it
before Keepassxc finds it. Now at this stage PGP doesn't work; I have to
take the Yubikey out and in again, and then it's not found by Keepassxc.

I have pcscd running with default configuration.

Would a Yubikey 4 work better? I'm thinking of buying a couple of
Yubikey 4 Nano devices during the sale, but if I have to take it in and
out all the time I'll just get a normal one.

Martin Oppegaard

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