How do you share files between OpenBSD, Linux, and Windows boxes?

Currently I have a setup in which I mount Samba shares that are being served 
from Linux boxes and mounted on Linux boxes using cifs and on Windows boxes. 
This works very well and it's both easy to administer and it's very fast.

I would like to use OpenBSD for more that just firewalling and I would like to 
replace several Linux desktops with OpenBSD. However, every time I try to set 
this up I run into some kind of trouble.

NFS isn't a solution as file permissions is a mess between several different 
OS'es with different accounts.

Samba works really great between Linux and Windows, but mounting Samba shares 
on OpenBSD? I remember sharity-light, but it isn't in the ports any longer and 
isn't maintained.

How do you manage file sharing between these systems (if it all)?

Also, is it possible to decrypt and mount a Linux harddrive that has been 
encrypted with LUKS?

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards

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