Howdy Israel,
Try Ctrl-Alt- F1 or Ctrl -ALT-F2    and so on and so fourth... until
you get a Cli login screen

 it sounds like

it boots command line fine and then it tries to load an X Session
(X  login Prompt) and there may be an issue with the
X config for your particular graphics hardware,
verify that it booted ok apart from the Graphic User interface,
by logging in on the command line on a different virtual terminal

once you have the command line access to the box

dmesg to get details on the hardware and exact version of
OpenBSD you are running (the blue writing output on boot)
and copy this detail to the list  to help others in the community
help you ...
you could also have a look at /var/log/messages for obvious errors
that might get you further along to having a fully working system
Hope this helps

On 24 February 2018 at 00:43, Israel Brewster <> wrote:
> I have an HP Compaq Pro 6300 machine on which I am trying to run OpenBSD. The 
> installer boots and runs fine, but after rebooting into the newly installed 
> OS, I start getting the boot sequence (the white text on blue background 
> stuff - don't know what that is officially called), but after a second or so 
> the screen goes blank and that's all she wrote.
> My first thought was that it was just a display issue, and that I should be 
> able to ssh in and tweak stuff, but as it turns out, the machine never shows 
> up on the network, either, so apparently it never gets far enough in the boot 
> process to enable the network (networking *does* work while I am running 
> through the installer, so I don't think it's just a missing network driver 
> there).
> What can I do to fix this?

Kindest regards,
Tom Smyth

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