In OpenBSD 6.2 the inteldrm driver was updated to code based on Linux 4.4.70 as 
in the changelog states.
I'm using OpenBSD 6.1 and with this version the resolution at boot time is set 
to  1280x800. But with OpenBSD 6.2 the resolution is set to 840x600 (or 
something like that). Is this because the driver was updated?? I would like to 
use 6.2, but that resolution is annoying on the TTy's (it does not fill the 
whole screen when using vi, cat, less . . . or any other program). Can that 
resolution changed, or it is hard coded into the driver/kernel? Is this 
resolution change between 6.1 versus 6.2 related to the updates made in the 
inteldrm driver?

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