misc.n...@gmx.com (misc nick), 2018.04.04 (Wed) 11:38 (CEST):
> I would like to install OpenBSD wirelessly, but my card requires
> additional firmware (iwn) that is not included in the installer. Is
> there a way to overcome this obstacle?

I you check http://firmware.openbsd.org/firmware/ and see fw_update(1)'s
-p switch then everything would be there to prepare.

But I do not know from the top of my head whether fw_update is included
in the RAMDISK kernels. 

*If* it is, you can escape the installer at any prompt with "!" + enter
and run fw_update -p /your_mount_point/ your_driver.

That one usb wlan dongle I have that *does not* require a firmware... 
I keep it as one of my most important tools.


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