> misc.n...@gmx.com (misc nick), 2018.04.04 (Wed) 11:38 (CEST):
>> I would like to install OpenBSD wirelessly, but my card requires
>> additional firmware (iwn) that is not included in the installer. Is
>> there a way to overcome this obstacle?

Yes, build a custom image.
You don't tell much details so (IMHO) your options are download the
complete .iso / .fs and the firmware or, download the required sets
and the firmware to another disk and mount it during installation
using bsd.rd.

Even you have no internet connection after the first boot (lets say
you have only iwn) - IIRC - you can install the firmware using

> I you check http://firmware.openbsd.org/firmware/ and see
> fw_update(1)'s
> -p switch then everything would be there to prepare.
> But I do not know from the top of my head whether fw_update is
> included
> in the RAMDISK kernels.

No, it is not included.



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