I experience an intermittent issue with my Atheros wifi card or the
OpenBSD driver  for it on 6.2.

What happens is that it seems to drop out of the network ocassionally.
I am sitting in the same room as the access point so it can't be a
signal problem.

I have found that bringing the interface down and them back up and
renewing the DHCP lease seems to solve the problem.

Also, OpenBSD does not seem to realize the problem is solved until I
test the link with a ping.

E.g even after the interface is toggled on/off and the lease is
renewed firefox will still be waiting for a page to load until I ping.

That seems strange.

I wonder if it is a hardware / thermal problem with the card. The area
the card is in in my machine is pretty hot.

This is a pretty minor issue and I could try another wifi card sometime...

I am just wondering if anyone has any insight into other possible causes.


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