On 04/16, Henrik Friedrichsen wrote:
> - Is there a way to match all hosts that are not "status.affekt.org"?
>   That way I don't have to write a filter rule for every subdomain

Didn't test, just the idea:

1. You put your default host (i.e. one that will respond to all http
requests which do not fall into specific configurations) first in

2. In relayd configure http protocol like this:
http protocol "monit" {
     match request header "Host" value "status.affekt.org" forward to <monit>
     forward to <httpd> port 80

So the requests that match Host header will go to monit, all other
requests will go to httpd, where default site will respond.

> - Relayed HTTP output is cut off. As you can see below the HTTP DOM is not
>   closed and most of the HTTP response headers are missing (status code,
>   content-length, etc.)
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
I guess something is wrong on monit side.. I set up relayd with varous stuff
in the backend, but have seen anything like this.
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Pavel Korovin

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