> On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 10:49:53AM -0400, Joe Gidi wrote:
>> > On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 09:08:12PM +1000, Jonathan Gray wrote:
>> >> drivers/gpu/drm/amd in linux has over 1.5 million lines of code.
>> Which
>> >> is multiple times larger than the complete OpenBSD kernel source...
>> Thanks for this update!
>> Just to clarify, before I spend a bunch of money on new hardware, should
>> I
>> be able to use a Radeon R7 250 to drive a 4k monitor via DisplayPort
>> with
>> this updated driver?
>> Thanks again,
> It appears that 'R7 250' can mean either a cape verde or oland radeon
> depending on the model.  Both are GCN parts.
> 4k 30Hz should be possible with HDMI, 4k 60Hz on HDMI requires HDMI 2.0
> Both claim support for displayport 1.2 which should be able to do
> 4k 60Hz.  HDMI 2.0 seems to only be on later hardware with DCE >= 11
> carrizo (not carrizo-l which is mullins), polaris etc.
> With the low end radeons displayport is sometimes only available on
> oem models of cards sold as options for systems marketed as business
> desktops or workstations.
> And as mentioned earlier for acceleration you'll currently have to build
> a different version of Mesa than what OpenBSD releases/snapshots ship
> with.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the detailed answer!

As best I can tell from wading through the mess of marketing names and
specifications, accelerated 4k video is currently not an option with
Radeon cards; the older cards don't support high-enough resolutions, and
the newer ones don't have acceleration support yet due to the Mesa
problem. Looks like I might need to buy an Intel machine or wait for the
Mesa issues to get resolved.

Thanks again,


Joe Gidi

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