Hi OpenBSD forum,

I've recently set up a BGPLG and I've been trying to add "mtrace" to the
drop down command list, but I've been having a bit of trouble getting it to
work and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to
get it working.

I've configured the "bgplg.c" to define and add mtrace, I've gone into the
"bgplg.h" file to add mtrace as a command to the menu, and I've made sure to
copy the mtrace source files into the "/usr/src/usr.bin/bgplg" directory, as
well as the executable (I think its the executable anyway) into the
"/var/www/bin" directory. However even after rebooting and restarting
everything I can't get the mtrace command to appear in the drop down menu. 

I tried my best to follow this walk through process of adding traceroute6
and ping6 to the bgplg
which is the only source I've found that relates to adding new commands to
the BGPLG menu, but something still isn't working for me. 

If you need specifics I can certainly supply screenshots or code snippets.
It's probably something obvious that I'm just not seeing, but any help would
be greatly appreciated.


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