Thanks for the reply,

So my first step was getting the "mtrace" source files and copying them into
the "/usr/src/usr.bin/bgplg/" directory, as that is the location of all the
other commands like ping and traceroute. I also added a copy of the
executable into "/var/www/bin/", as the other commands did likewise.

Next I configured the "/usr/src/usr.bin/bgplg/bgplg.c" file to add and
define mtrace as a command. The rest of the .c file didn't seem to require
configuring so I left it as is.

I finally edited the "/usr/src/usr.bin/bgplg/bgplg.h" file, adding the
mtrace command. I made the mtrace command to be a copy of the ping command
because I wasn't sure what the correct definition of the mtrace command was,
but that shouldn't have stopped the command appearing in the drop down menu
should it?

And after doing that it doesn't appear in my bgplg after rebooting and

Do you see where I might've gone wrong? I know that my definition in the .h
file is wrong, but I'm trying to get this working in baby steps, and perhaps
I was mistaken but I thought that having a duplicated function would still
make it appear in the bgplg menu. Is there anything obvious that leaps out
at you that I'm not seeing?

Thank you for the help.

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