On 2018-08-11, Daniel Ouellet <dan...@presscom.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure you got that right.
> If you are an ISP the minimum assignment is /32 and you assigned /48 to
> end company and /56 to users.
> If you asked me that's a wasted, but that's what they suggest.
> For end users, a /64 would be plenty if you asked me and /56 for company
> would be plenty as well.

Unless you ignore many of the standard things done in v6, a /64 is *one*
subnet. That's not enough for an end customer who wants to separate
their networks (for example their own private devices, maybe a DMZ, and
a guest network).

> But if you truly follow their policy, then well may be will run out
> there too like in IPv4 when it really start to be assigned, but anyway
> that's for a different discussion.

The total available address space for v6 is *BIG*!

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