On 2018-08-11, Walt <neurobot...@protonmail.ch> wrote:
> On August 10, 2018 3:57 PM, Henry Bonath he...@thebonaths.com wrote:
>> Also could it be that you are using IPv6, not IPv4? (and your IPv6 is
>> missing its gateway)
>> If the IPv6 gateway is bad/missing you'll get that "no route to host"
>> message.
> I've encountered that issue before, but it isn't that big a problem with me. 
> As an ISP, the /56 we have been allocated is too small to be very useful so 
> I'm holding back on working on it much until such time as we get at least a 
> /48 if not a /40.  I'd like to be able to assign each customer a /56 but 
> would settle for a /60 for each.  With a /60, I could only handle sixteen 
> customers.  We have a number of customers for whom a /64 wouldn't cut it at 
> all.

As an ISP you should have your own address space, not space from another
provider that you'll have to give back sometime. You would have more than
a /56 if done this way.

I'm not sure about the situation in other regions but over here it isn't
necessary to be an LIR (direct member of RIPE) for this, it can be done
through a sponsoring provider who requests the address space for you. If
you're not running BGP yet then it could be announced on your behalf
by a provider until you can do so yourself.

> I never have figured out the proper way to configure rtadvd.conf. In 
> particular, there is an addr and an rtprefix.
> addr is, according to the man page, "The address filled into Prefix field" 
> while rtprefix is " The prefix filled into the Prefix field of route 
> information option". And then there are the proper prefix lengths -- do I use 
> 64 or 56? It seems like prefixlen must be 64, but rtplen doesn't seem to make 
> much difference.
> And then there is the kea side for prefix delegations.

If you're giving somebody a larger-than-/64 block you wouldn't do that
directly with router advertisements - use a smaller block for the "link
net" and route the larger block to them rather than have it directly
connected on an interface.

> Since I can just put the IPv6 gateway into /etc/mygate, it's not a problem 
> from the OpenBSD machines and it will never be a big issue if I can't get a 
> properly sized allocation of addresses from AT&T.

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