Hi Folks,

I found a viable Plex alternative that runs perfectly on OpenBSD called 'Serviio'. It does DLNA with on the fly media transcoding / remuxing and also has an HTML5 media player. I've found it able to handle cataloguing and indexing my 10TB media library great and I've enjoyed the automatic media metadata retrieval. It is nice to be able to have episode names, subtitles and cover art automatically pulled from IMDB / TVDB. The HTML5 media player is quite nice for sharing content with the family and watching movies on the go.

I've rewritten the install guide from the official Serviio website to instead run Serviio as a separate user, use a better install location and not grab the full jdk. I mentioned Serviio a few days ago on a ports@ thread and several people messaged me privately asking for my write up on Serviio; I hope others can get some use and enjoyment out of this, so I thought I would share it here for others to see as well.

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