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>> Hi,
>> Is it expected behaviour that ifconfig emX down on a fibre interface doesn't 
>> kill the laser on a GBIC ?
> Since ifconfig down doesn't kill link on a copper em(4), I would think it
> is expected from a fibre one too.

Would it be too much to ask to get this functionality implemented ?

I was dealing with a carrier the other day and we were dealing with bringing up 
two ports on their network.

The question came from the remote end "have you shutdown the port as its still 
showing up on my side", and indeed on the OpenBSD side carrier state was still 

It seems to be the expected behaviour that when you put a port into 
"administrative down" mode that it kills the carrier too  (indeed, I witnessed 
this for myself, because the carrier downed their side for me instead as I was 
unable to and I saw the carrier drop on OpenBSD).

Thanks !

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