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> Otto Moerbeek:
> > On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 03:13:00PM +0000, Anonymous wrote:
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> >> Here too:
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> > Does it matter? It is very common for publications to be dated in the
> > future. 
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> >     -Otto
> No, it's not common, neither for software releases nor for texts
> published online (blogposts, fiction, etc). Maybe you're talking about
> some niche. And yes, it matters because it's confusing: I opened the
> front page soon after the release but was in doubt whether it's for real
> because of the date.

Well I'm not an author, editor, publisher or printer but I'm fairly sure
nobody's ever gone from "I'm going to write a book" to "this book has been
printed and is already on the shelves" in less than 24 hours, so
publishing "in advance" like this makes total sense.

A bit weird but luckily I'm not a complete fucking moron so I'm able to
work out that when something says "released* on [future date]" that time
travel was not invented while I wasn't looking and that a week here or
there just doesn't matter.

People pointing out spelling mistakes have more utility than this thread.



[*] past tense

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