Hi All,
I am new to openBSD and I really like the idea. Sadly I do not have suitable 
hardware to run on , thus I use KVM and I would be happy if anyone hint me of a 
working solution for Qemu Guest Agent.
Anything I dig up (via google searches) show up only suggestions , but nothing 
more.In openBSD 6.4  I successfully installed qemu (and thus the agent), but I 
can't understand how to get the device needed for communication with the host 
up and running.
As I mainly know linux - I know that we need a kernel module that to be loaded 
and with combination of udev rules - the devices is created on the necessary 
location and with the correct rights.According to many google findings - 
openBSD doesn't support any more loadable kernel module support.
I have tried to figure it out by myself, but I cannot find the necessary module 
needed, nor how to load it in a proper manner.
Any hint is well appreciated.
Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov  

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