What about CPU/RAM usage. Do you believe it will be possible to report it to 
the  management layer ?
If not - there will be no use of qemu-ga at all on openBSD.

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Strahil Nikolov

On April 29, 2019 2:49:43 PM GMT+03:00, Stuart Henderson <> 
>On 2019-04-29, Strahil Nikolov <> wrote:
>> Yes , but not only.
>> I'm using oVirt - a KVM management tool and I can currently make a
>snapshot only by pausing the VM or by completely stopping it first.
>> For now, it's not a big deal - as I'm still exploring openBSD , but
>who knows.
>> Also the management interface cannot provide details about CPU and
>RAM usage , nor I cannot gracefully shut the VM down from the
>> The oVirt manager allows automatic evacuation of the VM, if it
>requires more memory/cpu than the host can currently providing (for a
>lab overcommitting is normal).
>> I'm just looking to enable those fancy things that make our life
>qemu-ga needs a way to communicate with the kernel to tell it to stop
>filesystem activity etc.  OpenBSD doesn't support this.

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