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> It is my theoretical understanding that USB audio gadgets typically
> come with a uhid(4) device, as does yours above, and you would use
> usbhidctl(1) to list and manipulate the available controls.

No, that is wrong.

Looking over uaudio.c, I now see that mixer controls are an inherent
part of the USB audio spec and that the driver automatically provides

So the correct answer is this: If your USB audio gadget attaches
as audioN, use "mixerctl -f /dev/mixerN" to access the corresponding
controls.  If you don't specify a device, mixerctl uses /dev/mixer,
which by default is a symlink to /dev/mixer0.  You can point this
symlink to a different unit.  Alternatively, you can set MIXERDEVICE
in the enironment.

(Personally, I have only used USB audio dongles to add an S/PDIF
output to machines that lacked one, so the mixer didn't really come

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