Since posting this question I have been trying to intentionally corrupt
the router filesystem, by simulating power outages while writing files
and various other things.

Even after many tries, I have not yet been able to corrupt the
filesystem so fsck cannot repair it without manual intervention.
However, if power is removed  while the 'reorder_kernel' script runs,
the system will become completely unbootable. I could do this multiple

A situation could be that the electric grid is unstable, so power will
return and a new outage will occur shortly after, if this happens
during the boot process at the exact time 'reorder_kernel' is running,
the system will break because of a corrupt kernel and repair is not
possible remotely.

Is there a way to avoid 'reorder_kernel' during the boot process and
run it manually instead?

Thanks in advance.

Mogens Jensen

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