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read x; while [ "$x" != [abc] ]; do echo "Not a, b or c"; break; done
The shells in the OpenBSD base system do not support matching regular
expressions with that syntax.  You may have been thinking of bash,
Just to head off crazy rumors: bash doesn't either.
Doesn't bash perform this task by invisibly calling out to perl?
You're thinking of zsh.
No I'm thinking it is all crazy.

[ is not [[
man ksh
[[ expression ]]
     Similar to the test and [ ... ] commands (described later), with
     the following exceptions:
   The second operand of the ‘!=’ and ‘=’ expressions are
         patterns (e.g. the comparison [[ foobar = f*r ]]

if [[ "$X" == [abc] ]] ; then echo yes ; fi
prints yes
ksh is in base and is often a user's login shell

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