Hi all -

I'm writing to "misc" rather than "bugs" as I'm not yet sure this is a
bug.  I'm hoping to help triage this with assistance from this list.

I'm running -CURRENT and the iwn(4) driver for my wireless card.  Over
the past year, this has been working great, but recently (within the
last month or so), I've had issues where the NIC just stops working
after a few hours of usage.  I don't have a solid steps for

I realize "stops working" is not a very accurate account here...but
I'm confused on how to get more descriptive information of the
problem.  When it stops, "ifconfig" shows iwn0 with an IP address, but
I'm unable to ping.  Additionally, I'm not seeing any
warnings/messages in "dmesg" about the device...so I'm confused.

A simple "ifconfig iwn0 down; sh /etc/netstart iwn0" seems to fix the
problem, but I haven't had to do that in the past...it just feels like
a recent change (iwn(4) work?) has put me in this state.

I'm really wanting to help here.  How can I run the iwn(4) in debug
mode, or increase logging verbosity?  And/or, should I try to capture
packets via tcpdump?  And/or, can I run an older bsd.mp (without
having to downgrade packages to older versions) in order to try and
"bisect" where the problem may have been introduced?

The following are my kernel and wireless details:

# uname -a
OpenBSD e530c.siliconvortex.com 6.6 GENERIC.MP#289 amd64

# pcidump -v
 3:0:0: Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230
        0x0000: Vendor ID: 8086, Product ID: 0888
        0x0004: Command: 0006, Status: 0010
        0x0008: Class: 02 Network, Subclass: 80 Miscellaneous,
                Interface: 00, Revision: c4
        0x000c: BIST: 00, Header Type: 00, Latency Timer: 00,
                Cache Line Size: 10
        0x0010: BAR mem 64bit addr: 0x00000000f2d00000/0x00002000
        0x0018: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x001c: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0020: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0024: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0028: Cardbus CIS: 00000000
        0x002c: Subsystem Vendor ID: 8086 Product ID: 4262
        0x0030: Expansion ROM Base Address: 00000000
        0x0038: 00000000
        0x003c: Interrupt Pin: 01 Line: 0b Min Gnt: 00 Max Lat: 00
        0x00c8: Capability 0x01: Power Management
                State: D0
        0x00d0: Capability 0x05: Message Signalled Interrupts (MSI)
                Enabled: yes
        0x00e0: Capability 0x10: PCI Express
                Link Speed: 2.5 / 2.5 GT/s, Link Width: x1 / x1
        0x0100: Enhanced Capability 0x01: Advanced Error Reporting
        0x0140: Enhanced Capability 0x03: Device Serial Number
                Serial Number: 6036ddffffed4a81

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