On Sun, 2019-09-08 at 20:31 +0000, Bryan Stenson wrote:

> I'm running -CURRENT and the iwn(4) driver for my wireless
> card.  Over
> the past year, this has been working great, but recently (within the
> last month or so), I've had issues where the NIC just stops working
> after a few hours of usage.  I don't have a solid steps for
> reproduction.

> A simple "ifconfig iwn0 down; sh /etc/netstart iwn0" seems to fix the
> problem, but I haven't had to do that in the past...it just feels
> like
> a recent change (iwn(4) work?) has put me in this state.

Hello! I have no solution for your problem, but when I read your mail I
was pretty interested, because I've been having the same issue with
previous snapshots from the past year or so, but the other way around;
I've had issues on certain networks, for example the network in my
home, where I get disconnected or my connections times out frequently.

Sometimes it would require me to do the exact thing you are suggesting,
namely take down the interface with either a "ifconfig iwn0 down" or
sometimes also "ifconfig iwn0 delete" and then "sh /etc/netstart".
Other times it was just a matter of having to wait forever before I
could connect to the wireless at home. Or rather, wait to use it,
because almost anything timed out at first. Then after a while it
started working as expected.

This issue has completely gone away some time during the last few weeks
though, which I found relieving. My hardware is a Thinkpad x230 with
the following output from "pcidump -v":

3:0:0: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
        0x0000: Vendor ID: 8086, Product ID: 0085
        0x0004: Command: 0006, Status: 0010
        0x0008: Class: 02 Network, Subclass: 80 Miscellaneous,
                Interface: 00, Revision: 34
        0x000c: BIST: 00, Header Type: 00, Latency Timer: 00,
                Cache Line Size: 10
        0x0010: BAR mem 64bit addr: 0x00000000f1c00000/0x00002000
        0x0018: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x001c: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0020: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0024: BAR empty (00000000)
        0x0028: Cardbus CIS: 00000000
        0x002c: Subsystem Vendor ID: 8086 Product ID: 1311
        0x0030: Expansion ROM Base Address: 00000000
        0x0038: 00000000
        0x003c: Interrupt Pin: 01 Line: 0a Min Gnt: 00 Max Lat: 00
        0x00c8: Capability 0x01: Power Management
                State: D0
        0x00d0: Capability 0x05: Message Signalled Interrupts (MSI)
                Enabled: yes
        0x00e0: Capability 0x10: PCI Express
                Link Speed: 2.5 / 2.5 GT/s, Link Width: x1 / x1
        0x0100: Enhanced Capability 0x01: Advanced Error Reporting
        0x0140: Enhanced Capability 0x03: Device Serial Number
                Serial Number: 6c8814ffffdaa8e4

I never bothered to report it, because I rarely use this particular
machine at home, and since I only had issues there I assumed that it
was some kind of issue with my AP.


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