Tero Koskinen wrote:
> Eventually I pinned the problem down to April 14/15:
> FAULTY 091f8f6587f dlg  Mon Apr 15 02:59:41 2019 +0000  the myx_cmd
> FAULTY 1bbcb699ab8 dlg  Mon Apr 15 00:28:29 2019 +0000  there's a bunch
> PROBLEM! 7f4dd37977d jsg  Sun Apr 14 10:14:50 2019 +0000  Update shared 
> drm code
> OK     505701c75b3 visa Sun Apr 14 08:51:31 2019 +0000  Add lock
> I must admit that I don't have yet any idea how to fix
> the problematic commit (or what is actually wrong there).

This is not too surprising. It's still a bit of a mystery what's different
between machines that behave fine and those that don't.

I have the same machine, and it's never been problematic.

I note I'm at the same old bios I had when I first purchased it.
bios0: vendor LENOVO version "N23ET61W (1.36 )" date 01/17/2019

And there are some other bios options, regarding bios/efi and thunderbolt and
suspend that can be set one way or the other. I have everything turned down to
whatever the "oldest" settings are. CMS boot, etc.

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