>> - maybe sysupgrade needs to be patched to avoid this issue?
> Probably not. sysupgrade has assumptions baked in to it which have
> evidently been rendered invalid either by another tool or by the
> person using them. That tool is where the patch most likely ought
> to be directed.

If I may make a little comment here.

Surely it is a little bit questionable to "bake assumptions" into sysupgrade 
that everybody is going to do a complete install when the OpenBSD installer 
itself gives you the option to select what is going to be installed.

At the very least, may I suggest that even if the developers don't want to 
increase the intelligence of sysupgrade that they at least code in some sanity 
checks (e.g. "pick a file - or two - at random from the core tgz files that you 
would normally expect to be present on the system if a 'full-default' install 
was done.  If file not present, then throw a horrid error message and abort).

It strikes me as a little silly to put a tool out there that you know will 
trash (or at least severely brick) a user's system just because of some 
severely opinionated "baked assumptions" coded into it.

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