On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 09:03:59AM -0600, Adam Thompson wrote:
> There's no mention of what syspatch(8) returns, in the manpage.
> I can prove quickly enough that it exits(0) when there's nothing to do, but
> I'm more interested in knowing (for automation purposes) what the return
> values are in other circumstances, and all my systems are already up to
> date.  Before standing up yet another system, I figured I'd ask here.
> I can think of four scenarios syspatch(8) perhaps ought to distinguish, at
> least I'm interested in these 4 outcomes:
>   1. nothing to do
>   2. patches waiting, but didn't do anthing
>   3. patches applied
>   4. something went wrong
> Can I reliably tell based on $? or do I have to parse the output?

Most likely parse, yes.

"patches waiting, but didn't do anything" might be interesting (i.e patches are
available); dunno...


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