On 2020-02-08 06:03, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 09:03:59AM -0600, Adam Thompson wrote:
There's no mention of what syspatch(8) returns, in the manpage.

I can prove quickly enough that it exits(0) when there's nothing to do, but I'm more interested in knowing (for automation purposes) what the return values are in other circumstances, and all my systems are already up to
date.  Before standing up yet another system, I figured I'd ask here.

I can think of four scenarios syspatch(8) perhaps ought to distinguish, at
least I'm interested in these 4 outcomes:
  1. nothing to do
  2. patches waiting, but didn't do anthing
  3. patches applied
  4. something went wrong

Can I reliably tell based on $? or do I have to parse the output?

Most likely parse, yes.

"patches waiting, but didn't do anything" might be interesting (i.e patches are
available); dunno...

Equally if not more interesting would be "I tried to apply patches but failed somehow". Which happened to me, and which is why I asked in the first place. *sigh* I'll try to propose some bad diffs [if I'm writing them, they'll be bad] someday soon.

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