On Fri, 28 Feb 2020 at 18:14, Luke A. Call <luke...@onemodel.org> wrote:
> Another option I found helpful once is to use wget to download the
> FAQs' content to a local copy (unless that puts too much load on the server),
> then have a simple local shell alias to view it with links or w3m.
> (At the time, it was a quick way for me, to preserve the content
> in case I wanted it while offline, or if things like X weren't working.)
> There are probably pros & cons of doing that, vs. CVS -- maybe making a
> CVS copy is actually cleaner & simpler for this, and for updating it.
> I can fish out my old wget line for that, if it is of interest and not
> considered harmful.

It's also a pity the the faq are not available in a single html or pdf
format. This would be handy for those who, like me, are studying for
the BSD Specialist certification. Having a single document makes it
easier to search for a specific command.

There's a one-page text file on the ftp server but this is quite old
(it doesn't even mention doas).

Ottavio Caruso

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