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> On 23/3/20 10:26 pm, Marko Cupać wrote:
> > Anything I can do to avoid future hangs?
> Whilst probably not the answer you're looking for: moving away from
> PPTP would be a good start.
> The MSCHAPv2 authentication used in PPTP is vulnerable to dictionary
> attacks and the RC4 cipher used in MPPE (the security layer of PPTP)
> is laughably weak in today's security context.  Whilst MSCHAPv2 can be
> replaced with EAP-TLS, there's no fix for MPPE.
> IPSec (which is built into OpenBSD) or OpenVPN (in ports) would be
> vastly superior options.

Indeed, I am also waiting for the day when I'll be able to point iked
to Microsoft's implementation of a RADIUS server (NPS), which will
authenticate Active Directory domain-joined machines by their machine
certificate and hopefully with additional domain user password for 2FA,
authorise them by Active Directory group membership, and log their
accounting in format which can be easily parsed and converted into
human-readable statistics with currently available parsers.

Uh, that sounded like I'm some kind of Microsoft fanboy, but I'm not. I
just have to provide hundreds of Windows users a way to access resources
on a corporate network in order to keep my bills paid. npppd's pptp
helps me brilliantly (anyone remember poptop? that was hell :)

Anyway, I use IPSec extensively to connect branch office routers, both
in tunnel mode for passive clients with dynamic IPs, and in transport
mode for protecting GRE tunnels (OSPF). Lately I'm adding multipath
redundancy over multiple ISPs using rdomains. OpenVPN also has a place
on my network. OpenBSD is a miracle :)

Pardon my blatant self-promotion on link below, but I think it's a
win-win situation - I get eternal fame and glory on the Internet, and
list readers get copy/paste howto set up npppd pptp server with RADIUS
authentication. Could come handy in this "end of days" situation where
everyone works remotely :D


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Marko Cupać

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