On 5/10/20 2:04 PM, Tom Smyth wrote:
Hello Clarence,

you would need to provide some more information about your setup,

ip addresses on interfaces , what is your pf.conf etc...

In your experia ( I believe they are android)
you can download the  hurricane electric network tools  (HE network
tools)  (a free app to run rudimentary network diagnostic commands,
such as ping traceroute dns lookup tests to identify the problem
associated with your connection when using openBSD..
that would help you diagnose the source of the connectivity problems
you are having...
Hope this helps

Tom Smyth

On Sun, 10 May 2020 at 13:09, man Chan <openbsd...@yahoo.com.hk> wrote:
I recently setup a home network as followings (Just for fun):
ISP  <----> openbsd router (version 6.6 Stable) <------->  gigabits switch (TP-Link 
TL-SG1008D) <-----> linksys ea8300 (with wireless)

everything works except that I can't use my sony xperia tablet to access 
internet using the wireless function provide by the linksys-ea8300.
When I replace the openbsd-router and switch with another wireless router, I 
can use my sony xperia to access the internet.  Does any one try this before ?
If yes, please let me to know how you do it.  Thanks.

I totally agree with the suggestion by @Tom above!

Another good tool for Android is 'fing', it will give you access to Traceroute and Ping functions on your Xperia.

The first thing to try would be to see if the Xperia can communicate with the gateway (OpenBSD router) then if that is successful public IP addresses. If something strange is going on you can further run Traceroute to narrow down where the issue is occurring.

On the OpenBSD side, it could be a number of things like PF rules, routing, NAT but without further information it is basically a guess as to what it could be.



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