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> Subject: Re: UNIX crash course
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 09:17:50PM +0300, Pekka Niiranen wrote:
> > Hello Sirs,
> >
> > That is very comprehensive list of books, but I have
> > not found any concise example of "OpenBSD development environment".
> > There are KNF settings for vim and emacs in github but not much more.
> >
> > OpenBSD is in constant flux so I would like to know which
> > of its various services controlled by rcctl would be
> > the best starting point for analyzing how code a minimal server
> > in OpenBSD 2020 including pledge and prilege separation methods.
> > Which of the current services is "the present state of the art" for
> > a starting point?
> >
> The source code would be the best place to look. I know I've learned a
> lot reading the code and manual pages. Not knowing your skill level, but
> I often start with usr.sbin/identd/identd.c as a good skeleton.
> Edgar

Caveat: Unfortunately, I can only read code. As such, I do not have any
experience writing any daemon or code.

In addition to the aforementioned advice, one may want to look at the
following two repositories:
Skeleton OpenBSD daemon - three process, priv separated
Skeleton control program for OpenBSD daemon

The last commits on these might seem slightly old, so in case there is
an authoritative/updated location of these sources, please feel free to
share that.

> > -pekka-


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