> Inside every modern Intel CPU is a secondary CPU running an embedded
OS with direct access to nice things like all the RAM, AES
acceleration hardware, TMP etc.

So we have since Core2Duo at least following :

IntelME - can be vanished by Libreboot
Important BLOBS (even in Coreboot) for hardware like RAM initialization -  can 
be vanished by Libreboot
Backdoors in the CPU to root it by some instruction sequence
Spectre & Hyperthreading  like CPU flaws - can it be vanished by software 
emulated VM?

Yesterday on May 13 almost at the midnight my computer went to sleep without me 
asking it to.
After returning it from sleep I could not run my browser from which I posted 
here anymore, though other browsers started. A try to run it from console 
indicated some LD lib or something like that  problems. It is a ES2L board 
waiting to be reflashed to Libreboot, not sure yet to do it or not though ...

Today my keyboard is very lazy to type, it seems like some type of an 
electromagnetic suppression, but it is a relatively old hardware and non USB 
keyboard, so it still works slowly :P

I am afraid that modern boards like for Haswell have more undesirable features, 
most likely they even do not need Internet cable, WIFI is not needed either, 
though not sure how it works, may be by radio channel backdoors in the board 
and even in relatively modern HDDs or just simly over power line?

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