> Fortunately, the people who could possibly order intel to do something
> like this doesn't care about your pirated movies, and it would be a PR
> nightmare if Intel actually used the power they have for anything less
> than national security, since the risk of something leaking would be
> too large.
Some people, most likely secret services working for corporations tried many 
times to make obstacles to his work including (but not limited to):
1) Electromagnetic attacks on his computer which made its work slower, buses 
could not operate on full speed, network worked at 100 mbits instead of 1 
gbits, many devices failed to work. Sometimes it was even difficult to boot the 
system after several continuous power cycles, it did not depend on a specific 
hardware operability, the same happened even if the hardware was replaced.
2) Targeted EMI attacks on his disk, most likely some wrong data was injected 
into SATA channel which was always noticed by ZFS pool and sometimes even led 
to pool crash. The same happen at his job to backup and mail server.
Shorter SATA cables helped to stop this.
3) Attacks on chips in new SATA controller most likely via radio channel led to 
a half of the pool mirrors lost temporary
4) Video records in zone minder were deleted periodically
5) Many voice records available including today when his mother indicated pain 
in her body
6) On Russian forums these criminal morons threaten him for his mother health.
It is called ganstalking against targeted individuals.
According to Russian laws almost each episode of their activity shall be 
punished by bringing them to prison for a few years.
And taking into account this a group of people - a criminal band and very many 
episodes, they must be jailed for the whole their life to avoid hurting lawful 
They shall be deported from Russia  and never allowed to return back.
The information discussed here about Intel CPUs is taken from public forums, he 
did not stole it from an Intel laboratory.
Almost anyone using X86 hardware threatens its own country national security in 
favor of western financial security, since corruption in Russia is often 
supported and defended by secret services operating backdoors in popular 
computers in their own interests just to cover stealing money from the country.

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