C Turkey
T Istanbul
Z 34330
O Consultant
I Emre Kal
A Levent, Besiktas
M e...@tuta.io
N OpenBSD consulting and support. Experienced in OpenBSD httpd, relayd and 
Packet Filter (PF).


My previous request was rejected by Ingo Schwarze due to subjective objections 
even though I believe my submission satisfied all the criteria listed on 

On the other hand, less information about me, so there is a smaller attack 
surface. Therefore, I request a reconsideration of my request by someone other 
than Herr Schwarze.

If my request is rejected again, please provide me with the *objective* reasons 
why I am not allowed to list my services as a OpenBSD consultant.

I believe I am entitled to an equal consideration under the stated criteria for 
inclusion instead of being discriminated against because this particular person 
did not like communicating with me.

Thank you.

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