supo...@mdfsoftware.com.br wrote on Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 01:40:18PM -0300:

> 0
> C Brazil
> P Ceará
> Z 60410442
> O MDFSoftware
> I Oliveira Filho, D. A.
> A Av. Eduardo Girão 355
> M supo...@mdfsoftware.com.br
> U http://www.mdfsoftware.com.br/
> B +55-85-9-89739017
> X +55-85-9-96110010
> N Auditoria, Desenvolvimento, Suporte comercial para FreeBSD e
> OpenBSD, gateways de Internet, firewalls em cluster, sistemas de
> detecção de intrusão e VPNs.

Your web site does not contain any mention of OpenBSD as far as i can
see, so i'm not adding it right now.

Also, there is almost no content on the web site and none of the
buttons that appear to explain the company's products lead anywhere.
The little text that is there mostly consists of web-scale buzzwords.

Feel free to resubmit after collecting some references to completed
projects and/or some success stories related to OpenBSD.


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