Dear readers,

I found a computer which behaves oddly.
Only EFI boot is supported, I usually go the MBR way.
The bios looks like a classic AMibios Intel stuff.
The cpu is intel and there's an intel HD5500 graphic card
( trying to extract proper dmesg fails so far )

When booting 6.8 basic amd64 installation the video
signal is completely lost and network too ( suspect crash )

I tried to `set  db_console 1` and change video mode
with machine video before booting, and entering
`boot dump` blindly ( video off )
but after rebooting in bsd.rd /var/ has no dmesg.anything
or some log

I think the last line of boot i see is 'softraid0'

There's probably a few tricks I should try to get the actual
message, I will do my best to extract the (bsd.rd) dmesg now and post it as
a reply ( and try boot current )

Is there some boot option i can use or something i can do
to extract the errors ? ( i do not see com ports anywhere either )

Thank you for reading.
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