Hi all,

I upgraded from 6.6 to 6.8 and dkim magically stopped appending the dkim signatures to my emails. I have tried to debug it but im not really getting anywhere. dkimproxy_out is running without complains.

Does anyone see what im doing wrong?

mail# cat /etc/mail/smtpd.conf
table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases
#table other-relays file:/etc/mail/other-relays

pki mail.example.com cert "/etc/ssl/mail.example.com.crt"
pki mail.example.com key "/etc/ssl/private/mail.example.com.key"

filter "rspamd" proc-exec "/usr/local/libexec/smtpd/filter-rspamd"

listen on vio0 port 587 hostname example.com tls-require pki mail.example.com auth filter "rspamd"
listen on vio0 port 25 hostname example.com tls pki mail.example.com filter "rspamd"
# auth-optional

#action "mbox" mbox alias <aliases>
#action "relay" relay

#match for local action "mbox"
#match for any action "relay"
#match !from src <other-relays> mail-from "@example.com" for any \
 #     reject

listen on lo0 port 10028 tag DKIM

action "mbox" mbox alias <aliases>
action "relay" relay
action "relay_dkim" relay host smtp://
match from any for domain example.com action "mbox"

match auth from any for any action "relay"
match for local action "mbox"
match tag DKIM for any action "relay"
#match tag dkim for any action "relay"
#match tag DKIM for any action "outbound"
#match for any action relay_dkim
match auth from any for any action "relay_dkim"
dkim_signing.conf    redis.conf
mail# cat /etc/rspamd/local.d/dkim_signing.conf
domain {
    example.com {
        path = "/var/dkimproxy/default.private";
        selector = "default";
mail# uname -a
OpenBSD mail.firosolutions.com 6.8 GENERIC#5 amd64




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