Hello Alexandre!

This is how I did it the last time.

> Hello,
> I try to configure squid with a ldap authentification on a OpenBSD 3.9.
> I wanted to use squid_ldap_auth but I can not find on my server.
> Nothing is availabIe on the system about squid and ldap configuration.

cd /usr/ports/www/squid

edit the Makefile and change the line "-enable-basic-auth-helpers" to

--enable-basic-auth-helpers=bNCSA YP LDAPb

write and quit.


The process will die with an error. Change dir to


Edit the Makefile there and add the following to the Line


and add the following to "LDADD"

/usr/local/lib/libldap-2.2.so.7.20 -L/usr/local/lib

Now go back to /usr/ports/www/squid and run once again "make". At last
run "make install".

The last thing you have to do is to copy the file "squid_ldap_auth" from
"/usr/ports/squid/w-squid-2.5.STABLE12/build-i386/helpers/basic_auth/LDAP" to 

Then configure your squid config. 

This way is not optimal, I know. But for me it was the only way to get
it up and running. I am authenticating versus an Windows 2000 Active
Directory. Yo need the ldap client package, I think. Some time ago. :)

Andre Naehring

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