Thank You!
I've ordered this book. I like No Starch Press books anyway.

2008/9/22 jmc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> --- G??bri M??t?? [Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 01:45:30PM +0200]: ---
> > Dear List,
> > I'd like to study the assembly language of the x86 architecture. I've
> > searched for books, but there are a lot of them. Could you please
> recommend
> > me a good writer/book about this topic?
> i'm a beginner, but i picked up The Art of Assembly Language, a No Starch
> Press book by Randall Hyde. ISBN 1886411972.
> i'm sure there's a much longer list of book an assembly programmer
> should have at arm's reach, but this is the only one i'm using so far.

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