Hi Peter,

That is indeed a great article. Thank you for writing it. It gave me a new 
appreciation for spamd again. :)


> On 11 Sep 2016, at 12:17, Peter N. M. Hansteen <pe...@bsdly.net> wrote:
>> On 09/10/16 19:10, Silvio Siefke wrote:
>> I search with google but I found nothing with greylisting and most about
>> spam is with shell scripts and pf. 
> If all you've found is 'shell scripts and pf' I don't think you've
> looked very closely.
> As Mischa mentioned earlier, on OpenBSD and other OSes with PF there's
> spamd(8), which was (for example) quite capable of shielding all my
> users from the recent 'voicemail' scam using only its default
> greylisting (see
> http://bsdly.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-voicemail-scammers-never-got-past.html
> about that particular incident, links to other articles about spamd(8)
> greylisting and related topics therein).
> - Peter
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