On 10/18/16 20:16, Christian Kellermann wrote:
> * Peter N. M. Hansteen <pe...@bsdly.net> [161018 18:01]:
>> and, I recently discovered
>> * a google-site-verification record with a key they've generated for
>> your domain.
> And wth should one get this thing?

Like the other items I mentioned, this one also has its own kind of DNS
TXT record. The procedure involves going to Google's postmaster tools
site, requesting a key they generate and then claim the domain there
after you've updated your zone with that key in the required format.

It looks to me like this popping up was essentially an admission that
the SPF-DKIM-DMARC combo wasn't quite as effective as expected, and
potentially a way for Google to identify domains that are expected to
send larger than usual volumes of mail. Whether it actually achieves
that or any other objective is anybody's guess.

- Peter
Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
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