Been managing my personal email on my own for a good 10 years now using Postfix, and recently I've come to learn about OpenSMTPD. I've installed it on a test domain and am quite pleased with it. I'm thinking about switching over it for my main email.

One thing I've come to learn that is critical to spam management is greylisting. Even the act the "slowing down" a spam message by 60 seconds gives DNSBL's time to get updated, so by the time SpamAssassin checks the message, it correctly labels it as spam. The combination of postgrey and spamassassin has been fantastic for me for the last few years.

I'm looking for either a greylist solution or anything that can delay an email for a short time. I know it will work with OpenBSD's spamd, but I was hoping I could find a linux solution.


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