I am afraid that I am hopelessly confused on the userbase parameter.
If I were to have the following:

# credentials
user1      <encrypted_password_goes_here>

# userinfo
# vmail user is 2000
user1      2000:2000:/var/vmail/user1

# virtuals
us...@domain1.com      vmail

# smtpd.conf
table credentials file:/etc/mail/credentials
table virtuals file:/etc/mail/virtuals
table userinfo file:/etc/mail/userinfo

action "action01" maildir userbase <userinfo> virtuals <virtuals>
match from any for domain "domain1.com" action "action01"

In theory, shouldn't this deliver email addressed to us...@domain1.com
to /var/vmail/user1/Maildir/new?

Thanks in advance,

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