Hi @misc,

Please disregard my previous email. I finally figured out how userbase
works! In case anyone is wondering how this works I wrote up something
explaining it really quickly. Userbase simply maps a virtual user to a
system user. The virtual user is defined in a separate file. So here's
how it works.

# userinfo
# File for the userbase parameter. All of my emails are stored as the
system user vmail which has a uid and gid of 2000
matt          2000:2000:/var/vmail/example.org/matt

# virtuals
# File for the virtual parameter.
m...@example.org          matt
# or if you want a catch-all
@example.org                 matt

So, this makes the following work:
action "action01" maildir "/var/vmail/%{dest.domain}/%{dest.user}"
userbase <userinfo> virtual <virtuals>
match from any for domain "example.org" action "action01"

If you want to create a .forward file for the user matt, just create
it in /var/vmail/example.org/matt and make certain that it is owned by
the vmail user.

As Gilles mentioned, this feature works with regular files. You do not
need to use a database in order to get it to work. It works perfectly
with a regular file.


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