On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 08:59:37PM -0700, William Ahern wrote:
> Immediately after upgrading my procmail setup broke. Near as I can tell
> smtpd now executes .forward pipes with the permissions of _smtpd (same as
> aliases), whereas previously it executed .forward pipes with the permissions
> of the user (similar to delivery to /var/mail mbox).
> Was this intentional or accidental?

Sorry, I was wrong. What's actually happening is that smtpd is no longer
adding the From_ line, so when procmail appended the message to my mailbox
it was effectively concatenated with the previous message.

Can the old behavior be restored? Or at least can an environment variable
(e.g. SENDER) be added providing the envelope sender which I can easily
prepend myself?

- Bill

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