On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 09:36:15PM -0700, William Ahern wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 08:59:37PM -0700, William Ahern wrote:
> > Immediately after upgrading my procmail setup broke. Near as I can tell
> > smtpd now executes .forward pipes with the permissions of _smtpd (same as
> > aliases), whereas previously it executed .forward pipes with the permissions
> > of the user (similar to delivery to /var/mail mbox).
> > 
> > Was this intentional or accidental?
> Sorry, I was wrong. What's actually happening is that smtpd is no longer
> adding the From_ line, so when procmail appended the message to my mailbox
> it was effectively concatenated with the previous message.
> Can the old behavior be restored? Or at least can an environment variable
> (e.g. SENDER) be added providing the envelope sender which I can easily
> prepend myself?

To respond my own question (again), smtpd will expand %{mbox.from} in the
.forward line. So the fix is to pass it to procmail via the -f option,

  |/usr/local/bin/procmail -f %{mbox.from}

like how /usr/libexec/mail.mboxfile is written to the mda_exec string
buffer in lka_session.c:lka_submit.

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