On 17-05-2019 14:13, Harald Dunkel wrote:
Hi Gilles,

I understand that ssl support is a highly complex issue, making it
necessary to focus and to get rid of the cruft.

It would be a pity if opensmtpd becomes "OpenBSD-only", though.


It's quite possible to build and use LibreSSL on Linux side-by-side with OpenSSL. It's really quite easy thanks to the limited amount of dependencies.

At first I was slightly worried that libevent would also have to be built with LibreSSL, but it turns out that all OpenSSL stuff for libevent is in a separate .so, and OpenSMTPD doesn't use it. So the system libevent should work just fine.

For example, on Arch Linux you can use these two AUR packages:


It shouldn't be too difficult to do the same for another distribution.

-- Maarten


I accidentally sent the reply off-list first. Apologies to Harald for the duplicate.

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