I am using OpenSMTPD as packaged in Hyperbola
GNU/Linux-libre, it says version 6.0.2p1-3.

If I place 6-7 recipients in CC: field, I will get
other messages delivered by one of them or two, I
did not yet determine exact number is coming back
with the local (OpenSMTPD) mailer daemon issue
"too many recipients".

I have tried to setup max-rcpt, but it does not

Does anybody knows how to solve this?



listen on localhost

limit session max-rcpt 1000
limit session max-mails 1000
# If you edit the file, you have to run "smtpctl update table aliases"
table aliases file:/etc/smtpd/aliases
table secrets file:/etc/smtpd/secrets

accept for local alias <aliases> deliver to maildir
accept from any for any relay via tls+auth://r...@example.com:587 auth <secrets>

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