I upgraded my OpenBSD 6.4 MX server running OpenSMTPD 6.4 to OpenBSD 6.5 
running OpenSMTPD 6.5 but unfortunately had to revert back to 6.4 because mail 
delivery to Dovecot using LMTP did not work anymore. Is it possible that LMTP 
mail delivery is broken in OpenSMTPD 6.5?

In my smtpd.conf file I use:

action "lmtp_dovecot" lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to virtual <vusers>

The relevant error log entry of OpenSMTPD is:

May 22 21:49:08 mx1 smtpd[45250]: dfc2d91c04922d88 mda delivery 
evpid=7f51132de0fd58db from=<some...@domain.tld> to=<m...@mydomain.tld> 
rcpt=<m...@mydomain.tld> user=vmail delay=1s result=PermFail stat=Error 
("mail.lmtp: LMTP server error: 451 4.4.0 Remote server not answering 

In the log file of Dovecot I don't see anything particular but just some 
information about the connection:

May 22 21:49:07 mx1 dovecot: lmtp(61415): Connect from local
May 22 21:49:08 mx1 dovecot: lmtp(61415): Disconnect from local: Remote closed 
connection (state=READY)

I ran a tcpdump on port 24 (Dovecot LMTP port) and could see that the mail 
delivery never goes past these two first commands:

LHLO mx1.mydomain.tld
XCLIENT HELO=localhost TTL=5

In fact it seems to be trying in a loop to connect and always run LHLO and 
XCLIENT but never goes further to actually issuing the mail.

Running "ps auxwww | grep lmtp" shows me that mail.lmtp is running but never 
manages to deliver the mail successfully:

vmail    19798  0.0  0.1   248  1172 ??  I     10:03PM    0:00.00 
/usr/libexec/mail.lmtp -f some...@domain.tld -d /var/dovecot/lmtp 

Any ideas what could be going wrong here? or is it possibly a bug in 6.5?

Best regards,

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